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Each month the Ninjas want to bring you up to date on what's happening with the Web Ninja platform and some other interesting bits from around the web that might make your business better!

We keep pretty busy at Ninja HQ conjuring up new functionality, fixes and enhancing the Ninja product in general. We thought we'd list out the things we've added to our platform for 2019, some of the items are accounting system-specific, others are more general in nature and some are overall site performance updates.

If there is something in the list you think you should have or are interested in chatting about, just 'summon' a Ninja!



  • Advanced Shipping - Added the ability to use a multiplier on the product base freight price to calculate a new freight cost.
  • Advanced Shipping - Added the ability to use a Customer user field as an add-on charge multiplier. ie. certain customers pay an add-on fee that is a multiple of the standard charge.
  • Added ability to select a Drop Ship Fee, and to change the value by Customer User field. ie. identify a customer via accounting integration and add a specific fee to the order for their 'drop-ship' order.
  • Advanced Shipping - Minimum Charge - if calculations are lower than the minimum charge, the minimum charge is selected...overrides the fixed fee if higher than a calculation.


  • Tencia - Sync a Freight charge line to the Tencia order with configurable Line Type - Income or Stock Item option.
  • MYOB Advanced - Allow regular expression match for show on web field value instead of a specific 'value'.
  • MYOB Advanced - Speed Improvements for uploading MYOB Advanced attribute field information - improves overall sync time.
  • Exo, Jiwa, Infusion, Tencia - Improved sync process by checking a hash before processing a file, this results in less syncs and less data needing to be sync'd.
  • Jiwa - Added Alternate Account No to Stockist Mapping.
  • Sybiz - New fields added to product import to web. 'VolumeValue, VolumeUnit, VolumeUnitDescription, Mass Value, Mass Unit, Mass Unit Description
  • Sybiz - added ability to import Associated Products (, separated) to web.
  • Shopify - Import multiple payment methods on Shopify orders back to accounting application.
  • Xero - Process orders of new customers instantly on successful write back rather than wait for next API sync.
  • Jiwa - Adding Contact Fields for Order Write back - Contact 1, 2 and 3 can now be used.
  • MYOB Advanced - Allow the selection of different MYOB Advanced item/product statuses for product import.
  • Ostendo - Ability to select item/product 'statuses' in Ostendo to import to web (Run out, Obsolete, Active etc).
  • Ostendo - Added Kitset Code for order write back to Ostendo.
  • MYOB AccountRight Desktop - Added Supplier Item Number import for Products
  • AttacheBI - Added ability to import Discount percentage to Invoice Import. Writes the discount % to the order line in Attache.
  • MYOB Exo - Added Order Ref to list of fields available on Invoice upload - can display these fields in the invoice preview/print on the site.
  • Infusion - Added price caching so price lookups only happen once a day. Improves site speed and overall sync efficiency.
  • AttacheBi - Supplementary Barcode index added to database on code field to improve performance on search.


  • Google GTag Conversion Tracking - Allows the use of the newest google analytics tag tracking


  • Customer Type - Default Pricing Account - new customers can receive specific pricing based on a default customer account instead of just an accounting price level.


  • Allow natural sort on product sort (numeric and alphabetical).
  • Display multiple categories that the product is in in the admin area - assists the site owner in identifying which products are allocated to categories.


  • Improved performance by caching the model search results - improves overall make/model search functionality.

Indent ordering module:

  • New Module added for creating 'indent orders' - A 'pre-order' product is tagged by the user, adding to a separate list that you can work through and see in size/colour grid layout, qty can be added to each line to add to the order.

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