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Weatherdon endeavour to provide comprehensive, five star quality products to the hotel, hospitality and office industries.

B2B ordering? Attaché integration? Web Ninja’s at your service.


Weatherdon is a family-owned and operated business established in 1975. At Weatherdon we endeavour to provide comprehensive and stylish high quality products to the hotel, hospitality and office markets.

They’ve had a successful Attaché integration with Web Ninja for several years and last year they decided to upgrade to Attaché BI and give their site a makeover at the same time.


SoftwareAttaché BI


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Integration Features

  • Responsive: High on the list was a responsive design for customers to be able to order on any device. Handy for orders made at the back of the warehouse miles away from a computer
  • Custom Quoting Module: Ability for sales reps to add to quote and then to adjust price and qty in the cart before emailing it to a customer
  • Featured Products: Adding featured products to the homepage enabled them to bring products front and centre when they navigate to the site
  • Min Stock Qty: Customers are forced to place orders in pack quantity
  • Related Products: Up-sell additional products to your customers
  • Traffic Lights: Stock status colours based on stock levels




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