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Synergy Access Equipment

The Ninja's deliver a solid platform. 

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Synergy Access Equipment are a leading supplier in the access equipment market. They have three convenient distribution locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane enabling them to supply aluminium mobile scaffolding on a fast turnaround. 

Synergy Access Equipment are dedicated to providing comprehensive service and keeping their customers happy and this contributed to their decision to get an integrated online store with the Ninjas. 

Integration Features


Products are assigned to categories using the Fishbowl product tree and imported to the site. A long list of product attributes are imported from custom fields to ensure that customers are provided with as much information as possible. Fishbowl kits are imported and displayed on the site including all components included in the kit. 


  • Featured products
  • New and special products with flags
  • Make an enquiry
  • Multiple product images
  • Fishbowl kits – including display of components
  • Number of product attributes imported from custom fields
  • Product information downloads
  • Embedded videos
  • Payment options change based on stock availability
  • Extensive shipping rules based on total + cbm + postcode
  • Custom Mobile site



Site Name: Synergy Access Equipment

Web Address: synergyaccessequipment.com.au

Software: Fishbowl

Location: Kingsgrove, NSW

Industry: Scaffolding & Access Panels

Customer Type: Retail

Contact: Mohammed Soukie

Exo Partner: Fishbowl Australia