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Spence & Lyda

The Ninja’s give Spence & Lyda everything they want. 

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Spence and Lyda strive to provide ‘Everything you really want’ for the breadth of lifes requirements including furniture, feature lighting and upholstery textiles through to area rugs, soft furnishings, bed, bath and accessories.

They have been a Ninja client for a number of years and in 2013 their website was transformed with a stylish design to better showcase their products and provide a convenient solution for customers to buy online. They are committed to staying competitive and improving efficiencies in their business and are now discussing a move to integrate their Retail Manager system with a Ninja Big Commerce connector. This will allow Spence & Lyda to have greater flexibility with design and enable them to implement a number of add-ons to enhance their presence in the retail market. 

Integration Features


  • Products are imported from Retail Manager and additional attributes are managed through the Web Ninja software. Customer sales are sent back to a generic Websales account


  • Custom landing page
  • Accordian style category menu
  • View products by Brand
  • Custom categorisation of products based on what can and can’t be purchased online
  • Grouped Products
  • Additional product images
  • Related Products
  • Stock Availability - showing exact stock available
  • Prevent ordering if out of stock
  • Unable to purchase more than what is in stock
  • Number of product attributes
  • Image zoom
  • Customised templates for content pages
  • Social Media
  • Free Freight over $100
  • Ability to change delivery address
  • Multiple payment types available
  • Coupon Module


Site Name: Spence & Lyda

Web Address: www.spenceandlyda.com.au

Software: Retail Manager

LocationSurry Hills, NSW

Industry: Furniture and Accessories

Customer Type: Retail

Contact: Andre Ripamonti & Fiona Spence