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Space Store

A Ninja store jam-packed with functionality.

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Space Store is the NZ distributor of SanDisk products. This site was created for an existing Ninja customer who is familiar with the integration skills of Web Ninja and signed up for a custom responsive site with highly customised functionality. 

The Ninja’s worked with Space Store’s Graphic Designer to create a sexy, modern responsive website that accommodates all the custom functionality requirements needed such as the ability for customers to submit product returns which are sent back to MYOB Exo as a quote and integration with Courier Post API for address validation.

Integration Features

  • Custom responsive template
  • Category Manager
  • Integration with courier Post API – Address Validation
  • Product Returns
  • Featured products
  • Stock Manager
  • Product information downloads
  • Embedded videos
  • Product Filters
  • Add to favourites
  • Group Products


Site NameSpace Store

Web Addresswww.spacestore.co.nz

SoftwareMYOB Exo

LocationAuckland, NZ

IndustryNZ Distributor of SanDisk products

Customer TypeRetail