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 Southern Rock Seafood 

MYOB Premier integration easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

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Southern Rock Seafood is a family run specialist fishmonger committed to providing the finest airflown fish and seafood to customers in Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and Nusajaya. Our fresh seafood comes from the pristine Southern Oceans around Australasia and the cold waters of northern Europe.

Southern rock came to us wanting a simple online ordering solution integrated with their MYOB Premier accounting software. The Ninjas were more than happy to deliver the catch of the day.

Integration Features

  • Seafood can be ordered with a selection of preparation i.e. scaled and gutted, filletted with skin on or off.
  • Seafood can be bought in portions
  • Integration of UOM with pricing
  • Option to select a delivery date and time at checkout
  • Integration to iPay88 for sales order payments
  • Notification of free delivery order amount


Site NameSouthern Rock Seafood

Web Addresswww.southernrockseafood.com

SoftwareMYOB Premier

LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia  


Customer TypeWholesale & Retail