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Get closer to your customers with Web Ninja CRM

Our accounting ecommerce software integration extends to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A great way for businesses to keep all customer communications in one place and extend their market reach whilst again reducing the need for duplicate data entry.



Web Ninja CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for business wanting to increase productivity, sales and offer customers a personalised service. Companies of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of Web Ninja CRM's features and benefits. It’s great for one user, a few users or an entire company with its easy scalability and global access. Web Ninja CRM is simple, yet powerful, and seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting software.


Cloud based CRM with seamless integration

Information management is critical to the success of your business and your ability to retain customers and build long-term customer loyalty. Moving information from one system to another, however, is often complicated and difficult. Web Ninja offers a seamless integration between your accounting software and your online CRM.

Quotes and jobs in your accounting software are synchronized to provide business pipelines and to ensure that every opportunity is followed through to its conclusion. Telemarketing features allow you to create tasks that can be assigned to appropriate people with-in your organization.

The Web Ninja CRM is a true cloud application that allows you to access your important customer data from any where you can connect to the internet - be it in the office, at home or on the road.


Easy to Manage your Business Relationships

Because Web Ninja CRM runs online, in the cloud, you avoid the expense of infrastructure and headaches of software upgrades and maintenance.

With the Web Ninja CRM Cloud, you can be up and running in no time.




Accounting Software Integration

Web Ninja offers a seamless integration between your accounting software and your online CRM. The integration allows you to maintain and update account and contact details throughout your organization. Customer-facing staff can view account balances without needing to access your accounting software. Quotes and jobs are synchronized to provide business pipelines and to ensure that every opportunity is followed through to its conclusion. With Web Ninja CRM, it is as if your CRM and accounting software are a single package.

Accounts, Contacts and Leads

Sales reps can view a complete overview of an account or contact with quick access to all critical accounting data. You can manage and track all your information, communication, activities, and opportunities. Having all your customer information in one place makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to collaborate while keeping up to date with every aspect of their accounts. With the Web Ninja CRM, it's easy to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Opportunities and Potentials

Quotes and jobs in your accounting software are synchronized to provide business pipelines and to ensure that every opportunity is followed through to its conclusion. Followup and telemarketing features allow you to create tasks and reminders that can be assigned to appropriate people with-in your organization. 

Campaign Management

Manage and execute professional, targeted, email marketing campaigns by using the built-in email engine to communicate with your customers. Campaigns are an ideal tool to send promotional or discount offers and to promote new products or services to existing customers or leads. 

Calendars and Planning

Web Ninja CRM allows you to schedule activities like "tasks" and "events". From follow ups to meeting reminders, Web Ninja CRM provides a comprehensive system for sales people, telemarketers and others to plan their day and ensure that no opportunity goes untouched.

Web Forms and Data Collection

Customers who take the time to fill out your online forms are serious about your products and services. With Web Ninja CRM, information entered by customers on your website automatically become a new Lead or Contact in your CRM system. There is no need to re-enter data and you can start on the new opportunty right away. Mailing Lists, Trade Lists and CSV files can imported with the absolute ease. 

Custom Fields and Picklists

Web Ninja CRM is highly configurable. The system administrator can easily add custom fields and setup picklist values that match your business requirements. Custom fields can be synchronized with your accounting software to allow service staff to view customer balances and sales summaries without the need to log into your main accounting package. By using the role based security, individual custom fields can be configured to only be visible to the appropriate staff within your organisation.

Role Based Security

We know that you want different members of your organisation to have varying degrees of access to your data. By using role and group based security, changes can be quickly reflected across all members of a group without the need to edit each individual user. Sales and telemarketing managers can view the tasks and activities of the staff they manage.

Outlook Integration

Web Ninja's Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook integrates your CRM data with Microsoft's leading productivity tools. With a few simple clicks, Web Ninja CRM users can sync email, contacts and calendar information into their Outlook program. Emails received in Outlook can be assigned to Accounts, Contacts or Leads in your CRM. New Appointments and changes made to account and contact records can be synchronised back into your your Web Ninja CRM when you next connect to the internet. 

Report Writer

Web Ninja CRM Reporting gives sales managers the insight needed to adjust to changing business conditions. Sales managers can monitor the pipeline of sales representative by sales stage, view how many calls each rep has made over a given time period, and monitor closed and expected revenue for the quarter. Managers and reps can also take advantage of the strong reporting capabilities to create personalized reports that update whenever information changes.

Administration and Configuration

The administration features of Web Ninja CRM not only allow you to control who can do what within your organization, but it also allows you to customize many of the screens with the Web Ninja CRM system. The administrator has the ability to add custom fields, design email templates and to make an independant backup of your CRM data to an FTP server of your choice. The administrator also has the ability to modify the synchronization scripts and to determine which fields are linked to your accounting software and if they linked on a read only or read/write basis.

Centralised data

Everything is in one spot with multiple access so there is no confusion or missed opportunities. Everyone has access to detailed client information.

Offers easy implementation

Fast set up and easy to use for everyone in your company.

Automated upgrades

As the CRM is cloud based any upgrades happen automatically without the need for you check for updates to install. 

Lower cost of entry

Compared to many CRM software applications Web Ninja's CRM offers great functionality at a reasonable price. 

Reduced financial risk

No huge initial outlays to set up servers, back-ups, IT staff, networks and more.. easy to set up less costs in hardware.

Provides data protection

As our CRM is cloud based all data is is no longer based on-site and is secure

Increases security

Every user has a login and you can select which information is available to each user meaning

Strengthens data redundancy

Everything in the CMS can be kept up to date and is constantly synced meaning all data is current and up-to-date.

Provides scalability

Web Ninja's CMS can cater for small teams to large multi-teamed organisations and can have unlimited teams and users added to it at any stage.

Reduces IT staff 

Reduces the need for networks, in-house software and servers as everything is now cloud based.

Creates mobility

Access current client information and company data anywhere you have internet access.