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B2B Integration MYOB Exo

Sports Image is a wholesaler that provides watersport products and accessories to 'retailers. Their B2B website was created to facilitate the purchasing of these products by their customers directly and their sales rep team.

Sports image looked at an industry-based solution in the first instance, however, Web Ninja's deep integration with their accounting/inventory system (MYOB Exo) and their previous experience with another 'retail' website, instigated an initial discussion to see if the Ninja's could create something that had an easy to use workflow for reps and customers, whilst using the integration to MYOB Exo for the product information stored to populate the website information.



  • Sports Image needed a website that was fully customised to their needs to meet the requirements of their customers and an industry-based solution that lacked MYOB Exo integration.
  • Sports Images needed an easy way for customers to be able to purchase bulk products within the one section, whilst seeing what stock is on hand. With colour/size/size variations, Sports Image reps and customers needed a quick, easy ordering facility that had the capabilities of large (many line items) ordering processing and visibility over availability/pricing. 
  • Sports Images wanted the function for customers to order products as “gifts” for others
  • Sports Images needed customers to have special pricing from MYOB Exo for their wholesale customers to see when they placed their orders. 


  • Web Ninja implemented a customised order form that allows Sports Image Customers and Sales reps to add product by style to a list, access the list and use the matrix ordering process on each style. The list is then cleared after 'add to cart' is selected. This means reps and customers can select quickly the style they prefer and then run through a grid-style order sheet for specific colour + size selections.                    
  • Web Ninja implemented a fully customised template for Sports Image to meet the market requirements for customers. The look and feel are presented to match industry-standard ordering requirements.
  • Web Ninja’s drop-ship module allows Sports Image customers to purchase order on behalf of another and have the order sent directly to the end-user.


  • An easy to use, functional and product information-rich ordering system for both B2B customers and sales reps, fully integrated MYOB Exo for greater efficiency and faster order processing.

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