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Floral Interiors - Ninja Pay

Ninja Pay Payment Gateway, Integrated to MYOB Exo

Floral Interiors - From humble beginnings, this family-owned and operated business began as a mere seed, many decades ago, when our family cultivated fresh flowers in the fertile soils on the outskirts of Melbourne.



  • Add in a payment gateway that works with their Web Ninja B2B webstore to allow specific groups of customers to pay for their goods online, safely and securely.
  • Remove the need to manually enter webstore and invoice payments into their MYOB Exo system.



  • Using Web Ninja's 'Ninja Pay' payment gateway, Floral Interiors has a PCI-compliant, fast and efficient way of taking online credit card payments for B2B customers using their webstore. 
  • Customers can also use the 'my account' area of the webstore to access their invoices online and pay them using the Ninja Pay payment gateway as well.
  • Web Ninja was also able to provide a unique payment 'link' that Floral Interiors was able to insert on their MYOB Exo invoices, so customers can now click the link which takes them to a secure payment window with the invoice details and amount pre-loaded for ease of payment via credit card.
  • The best news of all is the webstore orders and invoice-based payments are automatically entered into MYOB Exo without any manual intervention.               



  • Additional payment options for Floral Interiors customers when ordering and paying their invoices.
  • Increased efficiencies and removal of data entry for capturing payments into MYOB Exo.
  • Faster (sooner) payments on postpaid invoices and deposit-required invoices for Floral Interiors.


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