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Tailored Packaging

Google Analytics & Hotjar Integration

Business Challenge: Have a tight budget for building an online ordering system? Web Ninja got you!

Website: Tailored Packaging

Accounting System: MYOB Exo

Integration: Google Analytics & Hotjar

Tailored Packaging is a wholesale, marketing, sales and distribution company importing products directly from Asia, providing food service packaging and point-of-sale retail packaging. The Group imports in excess of 300 containers of finished products each month and distributes nationally with warehousing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. The Tailored Packaging Group provides finished packaging products to a wide network of customers including; metropolitan and regional wholesalers of packaging, food wholesalers, hospitality suppliers and prominent retailers.

They wanted a more user-friendly site and add a few more features since almost everyone including the elder members of your community is enhancing their online shopping literacy in an effort to adapt to the new reality - which means more people are going to use their smartphones to purchase products they will need. Designing your website around the ideal user experience will result in the friendliest and most efficient user interface for your customers.

Solution: How do we work on it?

  • Web Ninja was able to build an upgraded online ordering system based on their preference and budget, by duplicating their branch's existing website and making it smooth and accessible across all devices.

Results: Customers can now enjoy some of these features:

  • Responsive and more user-friendly online ordering system
  • Enter a coupon code when they checkout activating a discount for their sales order.
  • Add products to an order template from the shopping cart.
  • Have easy access to place orders quickly, and see their previous invoices 24 hours a day.

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