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UPS Power Solutions


UPS Power Solutions is New Zealand’s leading provider of power quality solutions. They recognize that the vital systems and processes underpinning your business must be safeguarded against all variations in power supply such as spikes, brown-outs and black-outs. With unmatched engineering capability and access to products from the world’s leading electrical equipment manufacturers, the continuing performance of your operation couldn’t be in safer hands.


Every power quality solution must be tailored to the unique requirements of the operation so they approach every project with a detailed examination and audit of your systems and deliver a ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution that remains robust and scalable. Their market-leading service offering is based on the continuous development of their expertise, procedures, and facilities to ensure those power problems will not disrupt your systems, data or operations.


Business Challenges

  •  Different restrictions for different groups of customers (to show or hide products)
  • Extended stock level display
  • Existing site design to replicate
  • Relatively short time frame



  • Combining existing restriction functions and knowledge of webstore customer flow, we created three distinct customers "groups" consisting of multiple price groups from Exo and cash sales (assumed to be retail). Based on these groups (Wholesale, Cash, No account), Web Ninja set up customised views for hiding prices/stock levels based on several flags from Exo.
  • Working with our contracted designer and the customer contact who was both a dab hand with their data and determined to see the product through, created a beautiful design to improve on their existing live site.
  • With well-managed tasks on both sides and great communication, brought the project to completion within the timeframe and budget



  •  A brand new look and feel for the site.
  • Web Ninja set up 4 customer flows (views), and each customer group is presented with slightly different data and products suited to their purchasing experience.
  • Complete overhaul of the customer user online experience, enabling better workflows, up-to-date information and a more efficient purchasing process.


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