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MYOB Advanced

Site Type: Shopify Connector

Accounting Software: MYOB Advanced







Company Overview:

At Toys"R"Us, we believe that toys have the power to change lives. Play enables children to develop their imagination, collaborate, problem-solve, explore, create or simply express themselves spontaneously.

Our mission at Toys"R"Us is to encourage children to engage with as many forms of play as we possibly can.


Customer's Challenges:

  • Rolling out 3 x new Shopify sites for their Toys R Us, Babies R Us and Hobby Warehouse brands.
  • Integrating these with their MYOB Advanced ERP system to create efficiencies in keeping the sites up to date and having website orders seamlessly imported into MYOB Advanced.


Web Ninja Solutions:

  • Implementing our renowned Shopify connector and its in-built integration with MYOB Advanced.
  • Providing one of our experienced Shopify and MYOB Advanced Web Ninja project managers (a Ninja) to effectively manage the setup, integration, customisation and testing.


Web Ninja Impact (Results):

  • All three new Shopify sites we integrated into MYOB Advanced in a short period of time.
  • All sites we launched are now working hand in hand with MYOB Advanced.
  • As our connector mapping is selectable, Toys R Us elected to utilise our Shopify orders and payments auto-import to insert new orders received on each website into their MYOB Advanced system.
  • Order imports currently remove the need to manually key thousands of orders each week allowing for faster and more accurate processing of customers' shipments.



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