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Seamless Xero Integration for B2B Webstores

 Online Ordering that seamlessly connects to Xero


What is Xero Integration?

Xero Integration is the process of linking Xero, a popular cloud-based accounting software, with other applications or systems to enable seamless data exchange. It allows businesses to synchronize financial information such as invoices, payments, and expenses between Xero and other platforms, streamlining accounting processes. By integrating Xero with various tools like ecommerce platforms or CRM systems, businesses can efficiently manage their finances and improve overall productivity.



Unlock Your Business's Growth Potential with Web Ninja's Xero Integration

Enhance your business's operational and financial management using a B2B webstore with our Web Ninja Xero Integration, acknowledged as one of the best Xero integrations for ecommerce business owners. Experience a seamless connection that automates the synchronisation of crucial accounting data, eliminating manual entry. 

Gain real-time visibility into transactions, empowering your business with efficiency and accuracy. Elevate your B2B webstore operations with the power of Web Ninja Xero Integration, catering to the diverse needs of various accounting platforms.



Key Features with Web Ninja B2B Online Ordering for Xero Users

  • Upload Stock Items and Inventory to your site to sell to your customers
  • Upload customers from Xero to your B2B Store and auto-invite them to start ordering securely
  • Enforce payment terms to individual customers in the checkout (some pay cash, others charge orders to their account per their account settings in Xero)
  • Auto-sync orders back to Xero for picking, packing and dispatch.



Create and Manage unlimited price levels and discounts for your Customers through the Web Ninja Price Manager

  • Calculate new sell prices for customers based on Xero cost price or base sell price
  • Create specific discounts per product category
  • Further, create specific discounts per individual SKU and customer
  • Create Qty break discounts for customer groups or individuals




Our B2B platform empowers wholesale customers to self-serve, reducing the workload on your sales team and saving on administration costs.



Why Choose Web Ninja Xero Accounting System Integration?

Web Ninja Xero ecommerce integration is the ideal choice for small businesses seeking efficient financial management and leveraging accounting tools. With seamless automation, it automatically synchronizes vital financial data between your eCommerce platform and Xero, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.


Real-time visibility into sales, invoices, and inventory updates empowers quick and informed decision-making, especially for expense management. The flexibility of customization aligns the integration with your unique business processes, making it an excellent tool for small businesses looking for tailored solutions. 


Efficient tracking and reconciliation and compatibility with existing systems contribute to time and resource savings, making Web Ninja’s Xero accounting software integration a powerful asset for streamlined financial processes and growth in managing invoices and payments.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Web Ninja Xero Accounting Software Integration


What is Xero data integration, and why is it beneficial for my business?

Xero Integration refers to the seamless connection between Xero and your business systems, automating the transfer of financial data. The benefits include improved accuracy, time savings, and real-time financial insights.


How does Web Ninja Xero Integration contribute to reducing manual data entry and errors?

Web Ninja’s Xero integration eliminates manual data entry by automatically synchronising financial information, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.


Can I easily track and reconcile transactions with Web Ninja Xero software integration?

Certainly! The integration with Xero accurately records all financial data in real-time, facilitating easy tracking and reconciliation for a comprehensive overview of your financial activities.



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