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Seamless Wiise Integration for B2B and B2C Webstores


What is Wiise Integration?

Wiise Integration refers to connecting Wiise, a cloud-based business management software solution, with other systems or applications to streamline data flow and automate processes across various functions such as finance, operations, and inventory management.

Unlock Your Business's Growth Potential with Web Ninja's Wiise Integration

Discover the ease of managing your business with our advanced integration solution. Seamlessly blend the features of your B2B and B2C webstores with Wiise's capabilities. Enjoy real-time data sync, improved customer experiences, and top-notch efficiency in a secure, user-friendly setup.


With Web Ninja, boost your eCommerce to the next level, meeting your business's varied needs effortlessly. Dive into the potential of optimised operations and heightened customer satisfaction with our tailored Wiise integration for both B2B and B2C webstores.




How Web Ninja Wiise eCommerce Integration Works?




Web Ninja's integration with Wiise operates through a streamlined process that facilitates seamless data synchronisation between the two platforms. By establishing a secure connection, Web Ninja enables real-time updates and information sharing, ensuring that crucial data such as inventory levels, orders, and customer details remain accurate and up to date across both systems. 


This integration process allows businesses to manage their eCommerce operations efficiently while leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of the Wiise business management platform.



Standard Features for Wiise Data Integration

Colour/size integration

Free/Physical/Total stock

Stock locations


Categories by stock group or extra fields

Minimum/Multiple order enforcement

Custom/Extra field mapping

Use images if available

Link PDF brochures and MSDS sheets to products

Minimum order quantities per product

Sales orders linked back to debtors

Consignment/freight tracking email automation

Customer upload

Stop credits

Payment terms

Sales Rep login/order on behalf

Quick pick order list based on last 90 days


Credit notes


Invoice payments

PO delivery dates on incoming stock

Full pricing policy integration including quantity breaks



Custom Options for Wiise Accounting Data Integration

Enhance your user experience with these advanced custom options.  

Advanced shipping (freight zones by cubic/pallet)

Customer permissions 

Quote module

Notify customers when products back in stock

Stockist lookup page

* Custom options will incur additional fees and will be priced on case-by-case basis.



Why Choose Web Ninja Wiise Accounting System Integration?

Choosing Web Ninja for Wiise integration ensures a seamless, efficient, and customisable process, enabling real-time data synchronisation and improved productivity. With comprehensive support, Web Ninja streamlines operations, enhances the customer experience, and accommodates business growth, offering a cost-effective solution with a proven track record of success and client satisfaction.



Frequently Asked Questions about Web Ninja Wiise Accounting Software Integration


What are the key benefits of integrating Web Ninja with Wiise for my business?

Integration offers real-time data synchronisation, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved customer experiences, leading to streamlined business operations and increased productivity.


Is Web Ninja Wiise Integration suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, our integration solution caters to businesses of various sizes, from small enterprises to larger corporations, providing customisable options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.


How does Web Ninja ensure a smooth integration process for my B2B and B2C webstores?

We provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the integration journey, offering a user-friendly interface and robust technical assistance to ensure a seamless and hassle-free integration experience for your webstores.


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