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B2B & B2C Web Store Integration MYOB Account Right Live

Brubecks Boutique Foods began back in 2000 as a lifestyle change for busy catering chef, Jamie Whitlock. The concept was to create great quality restaurant foods to take home.  

Almost 20 years on and Brubecks is still true to its roots of making fantastically tasty products for the retail food market. It has become a trusted gourmet food brand in the market & continues to be a market leader and influencer. The passion for food and an uncompromising approach to quality has been the driving force behind the success of the business.

Software: MYOB AccountRight Live


  • Brubeck's needed to have the capabilities to have a website that had both B2B and B2C options linked to their accounting system MYOB AccountRight Live, to save time on entering orders and keeping inventory items up to date. They were currently on Web Ninja’s B2B Online Ordering system, which while perfect for their 'retailers', was suitable for the 'public' display of their product range.
  • Using one of the Web Ninja standard templates that allowed Brubecks to get up and running quickly with a new modern and mobile responsive look and feel.
  • Web Ninja's 'customer types' functionality means Brubecks can offer different pricing and products dependent on the customer segment accessing the site, this information automatically syncs from their MYOB Account Right Live accounting software.
  • Brubeck’s also have a number of sales reps that need to order on behalf of customers whilst on the road.



  • Web Ninja Sales rep module allows Brubecks Sales Reps to order on behalf of customers, they see the customer orders, invoices, order templates and of course the customer's specific prices based on the prices rules set in MYOB AccountRight Live. All orders import back into MYOB into that specific customers account.
  • Web Ninja’s system and MYOB integration allow for featured products to be displayed on the home page. 


  • Web Ninja’s Sales Rep module allowed Brubeck’s to place orders on behalf of customers in the instance when a customer calls the sales rep up to place an order. The Sales Rep can place the order and all the information can go through on behalf of the debtor, with all the correct billing and shipping information.
  • Brubeck’s have both B2B & B2C capabilities, allowing retail customers to be set up specifically as cash sales with an 'RRP' against products. Wholesale customer's login in using their credentials to see their specific product information and pricing (based on MYOB). order quickly via Web Ninja's 'quick pick' pantry list-style ordering page, create order template to use again and even look up, print and pay an invoice.


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