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Plunkett Pharmaceuticals

Ostendo + Shopify

Plunkett Pharmaceuticals - is an Australian own and-made company that delivers effective, functional and value-driven solutions for skincare problems and concerns.



  • Connect Plunketts Ostendo inventory management system to a new Shopify webstore for product information updates and remove the need to manually insert Shopify orders into Ostendo
  • Unique information at the product level was stored in Ostendo and this needed to be kept up to date in Shopify.
  • Shopify orders also required some additional information when being sent to Ostendo to allow for the correct picking/packing resource allocations.



  • Plunkett chose Web Ninja's Shopify/Ostendo connector for their new Shopify site due primarily to our Ostendo integration experience and recommendation by their Ostendo consulting partner (Cutcher + Neale).
  • By implementing the Web Ninja Shopify connector, Ostendo product-level data such as on-hand qty and sell price is an automated task that simply requires the Ostendo data to be entered as it is now.



  • Plunkett's has released their new Shopify-based ordering platform to their current and new customers, with the confidence that pricing and on-hand quantities are current and reflect their Ostendo inventory management data.
  • Shopify orders appear magically in Ostendo ready to be shipped to the world.


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