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With its industry leading product range its no wonder Autoline has been proudly supplying its products to the automotive and mining industries. 

Autoinfo & MYOB Exo working together like a well oiled machine


Autoline is an Australian owned and operated family business that has been operating strongly since 1974 – Formerly under the name of Finn-ex. Autoline is wholly dedicated to serving the automotive, mining and transport industries with unparalleled supportive service and industry leading product range.

Auotline came to Web Ninja looking to link there webstore with Autoinfo (the largest automotive parts database in Australia) and their MYOB Exo accounting package. We were happy to make that happen. The make/model search is completed against the Autoinfo database (every single motor vehicle is in their database) and the relevant parts as a result of the search are then referenced against their Exo DB - when there is a match , the products then show in the search results. Exo stock code is used as well as an Extra field which can reference the autoinfo code if the codes are different (they often will be).

Web Addressautolinesales.com.au

SoftwareMYOB Exo

LocationPerth, WA  

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Integration Features

  • Autoinfo Integration
  • Autoinfo search
  • Stock Availability
  • Invoices and statements
  • Quick Order
  • Customer pricing
  • Customer import – customers flagged with an additional field
  • Express Order


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