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Stance Equitec


Stance Equitec is an Australian Company that encapsulates the world of sustainable nutrition based on scientific principles that are inspired by nature.

Stance Equitec has developed a range of nutritional products and nutraceutical supplements formulated to support the digestive, nervous, immune, and neural systems based on the principles of biogenic. These supplements support the normal mutualistic relationship between the microbiome and the gut-brain axis as they influence animal health and well-being.

The founders of Stance Equitec, Dr. Tim Kempton, and the late Mr Ken Ford have a unique and holistic understanding of the roles and interrelationships of natural herbs and compounds, and how they impact the health and well-being of animals.


Business Challenges:

  • Stance Equitec needed to have the capabilities to have a website that had both B2B and B2C options linked to their accounting system, Ostendo.
  • Stance Equitec has a number of customer 'types' that have different pricing and products depending on various criteria.
  • Stance Equitec was happy with their existing look and fee and wanted to hopefully have something similar on a new site.



  • Web Ninja integrated the Web Ninja webstore solution linked to the existing website (customers can choose ‘buy’ on the current site and be taken to the product on the new Web Ninja site linked to Ostendo).
  • Web Ninja ‘Customer Type’ module allows Stance Equitec to have a number of different groups of customers view different pricing and products (ie. wholesale vs. retail) all drawn from their Ostendo accounting software.



  • The Stance Equitec site has both B2B & B2C capabilities, allowing retail customers to log in as a guest only seeing only retail pricing. Different products display for different types of customers: Distributor, Store & End-user.
  • Stance Equitec now has a fully functioning B2B website for loyal customer-based ordering on account, Ninja Pay or other payment options.
  • The new site allows customers to save their favourite orders for faster ordering next time.
  • Customers can also compare products for a quick and seamless buying experience.


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