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RC Swift

Intuit Quickbooks Desktop

RC Swift is a wonderful company to do business with, and they wholeheartedly return the compliment. Their great customers and sales reps are one of the main reasons they strive to deliver excellence.


They also enjoy discovering captivating new designs to bring to our customers. They travel around the world, seeking out the fresh designs their customers want and need to keep their shops alive with creativity. It’s an intriguing business!


Takobia was a beautiful little company with many happy customers and growing fast, but Steve was looking to retire. Takobia was soon joined by Indigo, and then Dobbs, each offering unique yet complementary personalities and exciting choices for their customers to enjoy.


Business Challenge

  • Link Quickbooks Desktop to a web store solution that enables seamless integration and assists in promoting and selling their products to their various types of customers.



  • Using Web Ninja’s integrated webstore platform, RC Swift is able to control which products at what price are visible to specific customers from their Quickbooks software.
  • They can link various customer types through a code, and assign a discount the customer will earn, allowing customers to claim their bonus product, dollar discount or even a reward, every time they purchase on the site.
  • They’ve also got additional B2B features like express order, featured products, product filters, new arrivals and specials, making the site easy to find products and repeat ordering solutions.



  • Products that have been put on back-order can be viewed by the customer in the My Account area..
  • Submit an enquiry about a product from the product page
  • Products that are out of stock but with a purchase order, will display the incoming stock date on the product page.
  • Sales Reps and Med Reps can order on behalf of customers.
  • Products that are on special show a discounted price, and a was the price, and are linked to a specials page.
  • Integrated to Quickbooks desktop for product information and web order auto imports.


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