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Greg Chappell Cricket Centre 

Offers the biggest selection of cricket sporting goods, for every cricket fanatic.

The Cricket Centre was established in 1973 as a coaching and training centre in a large warehouse in Albion, Brisbane.  Head coach at the time was Peter Philpott a former Australian leg spinner.

In 1977 Greg Chappell joined the Cricket Centre team whilst playing for Queensland and Australia and the centre was renamed to reflect his involvement. The annual catalogue has become a bible to cricketers worldwide, offering the biggest selection of the biggest brands. This coupled with a team of passionate and experienced cricketers sees a reputation founded on the ability to offer expert advice and friendly efficient service, on all of the latest developments in cricket equipment. 

The new website gives customers the ability to research and purchase cricket gear from anywhere in Australia or the world, with the confidence that all purchases are made in a fully secure and risk free environment. The new website offers a simpler and more user friendly interface, matched with an expanded and customisable members section.

Web Address: www.cricketcentre.com.au

Software: Attache

Location: Albion, QLD

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Integration Features

  • Retail primarily with some additional wholesale functionality for Clubs / Schools / Associations
  • Custom design supplied by Web Ninja
  • Using Web Ninja enterprise CMS for all content, banners, blocks, blogs, and menus on site
  • Integrated to Attaché for Code/Stock levels and Pricing
  • Custom product details and descriptions pulled from data based on drop-down selection
  • Additional product data managed on XLS ‘database’ including Web Description, Categories, Bat sizes, Style, Colour, Size (clothing), Images (up to 5 per product) and Notes
  • Stock threshold (an identifier to say when a product reaches ‘low stock’ ie 200 cricket balls is low stock, 5 kahuna bats is low stock)
  • Free and special freight items (pitch rollers)
  • Stock override (if indentified in XLS, products stock level is ignored ie bowling machines that are supplied on request)
  • YouTube videos
  • Live payments through Westpac payway gateway
  • Customers need to register their details before they can view the full product pages 
  • Advanced search functionality allows customers to search for a specific item
  • Attaché pricing quantity breaks available on site (see cricket balls), for discounts on large volumes
  • Web-based “Kit builder”. Setup pre-made kit bags of products for cricket clubs (2 bats, 3 sets of pads, scorebook etc). The website sells the kit but sends back the line items to Attache
  • Catalogue sign-up sending details into CRM - http://www.cricketcentre.com.au/catalogue_request.php for hard and soft copies (soft copy downloadable instantly after signing up)
  • Advanced “make/model” style search to enhance product search
  • Google-driven live currency converter



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