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Arton Giftware

Arton Giftware develop, import and distribute a range of unique giftware products across the Australian and Asia Pacific market.

The Ninjas give the gift that keeps on giving. 

Arton has been a successful business for over 15 years developing, importing and distributing innovative giftware for the Australian market as well as supplying goods to a number of retailers in the Asia Pacific region. 

The Ninjas have successfully delivered a convenient and accessible solution for Arton’s sales reps to place orders, monitor their customer buy habits and keep up to date with new and incoming stock. 

Web Address: www.arton.com.au 

Software: Ostendo

Location: Kellor Park, VIC

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Integration Features


All product information is managed in Ostendo and imported to the website. Customer imports including price policies, credit terms and customer information


  • Minimum/Multiple Quantities - Products must be purchased in certain quantities, and the minimum required is automatically populated. Any attempts to purchase incorrect quantities will display an error message with the correct amounts required.
  • ​Back Order Report - Customers can log in and view a list of orders that have back-ordered items. They can then drill into each order to view more information about the backorder including the products and quantities on backorder
  • Products are only visible to approved customers 
  • The new account approval process
  • Temporary Access for potential customers
  • Ability to create new customers in CMS
  • Minimum/multiple qtys are enforced
  • Min first order amount enforced
  • Reorder previous orders
  • Multiple payment types are available
  • Invoices and statements
  • Quick Order
  • View Backorders
  • Customer pricing
  • Customer Import
  • Customer types
  • Product restrictions based on customer types
  • Sales Reps – Order on behalf
  • Sales Rep Report


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