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Stareast International 

Stareast International have over 10,000 HVAC products available for wholesale purchase.

Attaché integration is a breeze with the Ninjas. 


Stareast International has been operating for over 40 years. They specialise in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) solutions and parts. They pride themselves in having over 10,000 SKUs available through their store.

Whilst they had a previous e-commerce site that was linked up to Attaché, they came to Web Ninja to expand on the limited functionality of their old site. 

Web Addressstareast.com.au



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Integration Features

  • Qty Break Display: Many of their customers buy in bulk, and the display of Attaché Qty Breaks enabled them to make orders smartly
  • Featured Products: Displayed directly on their homepage
  • Permits: Being in the HVAC industry, Stareast can buy and sell Gas Products. Utilising the neat permit feature already baked into Attaché allowed them to apply the same rules around permits that Attaché 
  • Downloads: PDF downloads for manuals & safety data
  • Customer Import: Imported directly out of Attaché
  • Customer Types: Different payment options for different types of customers: Retail, Wholesale & Trade
  • Sales Rep: Ability to order on behalf of customers
  • Favourites: Add products to a wishlist for later purchase
  • Mailchimp: Integration with Mailchimp - sign up for a newsletter to be added to the Mailchimp list
  • Quickpick: Order from the last 90 days' worth of orders
  • Customer Re-order: Add previous orders to your cart
  • Invoice Payments: Pay outstanding invoices through a third-party payment gateway
  • Supplementary Barcodes: Supplementary barcodes that are added via Attaché connect product codes with similar product codes. They will be returned in any search results for the product on the website



Stareast wanted a responsive site to cater to their many customers who are on the road or out in a warehouse.



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