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Green Star Supplies 

Green Star Supplies provide any type of industry/business with quality cleaning products and services. 

Squeaky clean integration with MYOB Premier 


Green Star Facility Supplies & Services is a wholly Australian owned small business that specialise in supplying consumable products and a range of specialised on-site cleaning and hygiene services to businesses of all types and in any industry.

Greenstar Supplies approached Web Ninja a few years ago to provide an integration with MYOB Premier. We couldn’t help at the time due to their complicated pricing setup which was held externally of MYOB. They moved to straightsell at the time as they could accommodate this setup. Contacting our sales team in 2015, we had the ability to meet his request of external pricing stored on a spreadsheet and importing this into their Webstore. 

Web Addressgreenstarsupplies.com.au

SoftwareMYOB Premier

LocationSouth Brisbane  

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Integration Features


Standard pricing is imported from MYOB. Additional pricing is stored on a spreadsheet with reference to the customer’s card ID and product code from MYOB. If a customer logs in and searches for a product that happens to be on the spreadsheet, the spreadsheet price will override their regular price


  • Shop by Brand
  • Customer import from MYOB
  • Stock Availability
  • Invoices and statements
  • Quick Order
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • ETA on out of stock orders with a purchase order placed in MYOB
  • Quotes Module
  • Order Templates
  • Add to Favourites
  • Sales Rep/Order On Behalf
  • Order confirmation sent to sales reps


High on the list was a responsive design for customers to be able to order on any device. Handy for orders made at the back of the warehouse miles away from a computer.


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