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Clifton Umbrellas

Clifton Umbrellas offers a variety of umbrellas in a number of styles, colours and patterns, there's one for every occasion. 
Clifton Umbrellas

We’ve got MYOB Exo integration covered for Clifton Umbrellas.


Clifton is over 80 years old and 100% owned by the original Australian family.  It is operated by the third and fourth generations of the family of the original founder, Clifton H. Joseph. They feature more styles, more colours, more features and higher quality than the other umbrella brands available in Australia.

Clifton came to the Ninja’s for a slick B2B online ordering solution, fully integrated with their MYOB Exo accounting package, to replace the old ordering system where all customers were logging in with the same account. 


SoftwareMYOB Exo

LocationSunshine, Victoria  

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Integration Features 

  • Responsive template
  • Quick list ordering on the product list
  • Related products in the cart
  • Enquiry option on the product list
  • Invoice and quick order integration
  • Credit application form
  • Customised out of stock link to the quick order and re-order features


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