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Premier eCommerce Integration Services Provider in Australia and New Zealand


In search of premier eCommerce integration services in Australia and New Zealand? Look no further. At Web Ninja, we are fully committed to providing seamless ERP and accounting system integrations that elevate your online achievements. Witness a revolutionary shift in your eCommerce procedures through our unmatched webstore integration solutions, meticulously customized to suit your specific business requisites.


Our team comprises proficient experts in the field, recognized as eCommerce integration specialists. They possess comprehensive knowledge of the most recent industry developments, cutting-edge technologies, and optimal methodologies. This guarantees the delivery of unparalleled integration services, positioning you distinctly ahead of the competition.



  • MYOB Advanced
  • MYOB Exo
  • MYOB AccountRight
  • MYOB Essentials
  • Wiise
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • Attache BI
  • Reckon
  • Ostendo
  • Infusion
  • Quickbooks
  • Jiwa
  • Fishbowl
  • Xero
  • Tencia
  • Unleashed
  • Sybiz
  • MYOB Retail Manager


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Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Efficiency


Web Ninja offers comprehensive eCommerce platform integrations that facilitate businesses in connecting their eCommerce store with a variety of accounting and inventory management systems. The supported systems include MYOB Advanced, MYOB Exo, MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Business, Retail Manager, Reckon, Oracle NetSuite, Attache BI, Quickbooks, Jiwa, Ostendo, and Wiise.


These integrations play a pivotal role in streamlining business processes by enabling efficient management of inventory, order tracking, and payment processing. With Web Ninja's eCommerce integration with ERP systems and accounting solutions, companies can achieve operational automation, reduce errors arising from manual data entry, and achieve a significant boost in overall efficiency.




Benefits of Integrated eCommerce Services from Web Ninja


Web Ninja's integrated eCommerce solution ensures a seamless connection between your website, ERP system, and other applications, streamlining operations and maintaining data consistency. With automated order processing, orders from your website are synchronized with your ERP system, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Real-time inventory synchronization facilitates precise stock management. 


The sharing of customer data between your eCommerce platform and ERP system improves customer relationships, enabling personalized experiences and targeted marketing. Comprehensive reporting and analytics provide valuable insights for informed decision-making, and Web Ninja's user-friendly interface prioritizes a seamless shopping experience for both customers and internal users.


Why Choose Web Ninja eCommerce Integrations?


 Web Ninja specializes in connecting eCommerce with ERP systems. We have extensive experience and a strong history as integration experts. Our team is skilled at seamlessly combining different eCommerce platforms with backend systems such as accounting and inventory management. This guarantees that data stays up-to-date and customers enjoy a smooth experience.


What makes us unique is our ability to create tailored solutions that match your specific business requirements. This ensures that eCommerce platforms integrate seamlessly with payment gateways, inventory management systems, and accounting software.


By automating tasks, cutting expenses, and enhancing efficiency, we enable businesses to succeed in the eCommerce world. Whether you need to grow, receive expert assistance, or see proven outcomes, Web Ninja is the reliable partner for effective and dependable eCommerce integration solutions.



eCommerce integration FAQs


What are eCommerce integration services?

eCommerce integration services serve as software bridges linking your online store with essential business systems like accounting, inventory management, and customer relationship tools (CRM). These connections enable automation and seamless data sharing across different platforms. In simpler terms, it's like creating highways between different parts of your business, ensuring they all work together smoothly and efficiently.


Why are e-commerce integration services important?

E-commerce integration services streamline business operations, enrich customer experience, and improve overall efficiency by facilitating seamless data flow between different systems, including accounting systems. This reduces manual work, minimizes errors, and enhances decision-making capabilities.


What are the common types of e-commerce integration services?

Common eCommerce integration services encompass payment gateway integration, shipping and logistics integration, inventory management integration, and accounting system integration. These services enable businesses to manage various aspects of their operations, from sales and customer data to order fulfilment and financial management, effectively optimizing overall business performance.


What is an ERP eCommerce integration?

An ERP eCommerce integration refers to the seamless connection between a company's online storefront and its internal ERP system. By synchronizing vital data such as product details, orders, and customer information between these platforms, businesses streamline operations and benefit from heightened efficiency. This synchronization not only enhances productivity but also drives revenue growth through automated data consistency.


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